Rotary Wheel
We are local people doing good here in Johnstown & Milliken, Colorado.
We also love eating and drinking together. Come join us for a meeting!

This is where business meets community service.

We have been doing good in Johnstown and Milliken for over 75 years!

About Us

The Rotary Club of Johnstown-Milliken regularly brings together a large and diverse group of civic, business, and professional leaders with an interest in service, networking and fellowship. Through the commitment and work of our 28 members, the Rotary Club of Johnstown-Milliken continues a 75+ year history of creating widespread, meaningful impact in the Johnstown and Milliken communities.

Whether you're a local community member, business leader, civic leader, or just someone who enjoys eating food and having fun while making a positive impact locally, we might be the perfect fit for you! Come join us at one of our weekly meetings. We meet every week on Thursday at at 7:00 a.m. at Johnson's Corner.

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